TRACK, TRAIN, TRIUMPH: With the Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Series and the Fit3

TRACK, TRAIN, TRIUMPH: With the Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Series and the Fit3, become the healthiest and most fit version of yourself!

The summer is a great time to step up your exercise routine and make significant progress toward your fitness goals! With its array of health-related features that will encourage you to stick to your schedule, the Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Series and Galaxy Fit3 should urge you to go after that fitness objective you’ve been eyeing.

You won’t have to deal with the typical sour attitude that comes with making lifestyle changes thanks to the amazing features of the Samsung Galaxy Fit3 and Watch6 Series! Here are some of the greatest characteristics of the Galaxy Watch6 that are fashionable, high-end, and useful.

Get Moving and Select a Sport

Considering getting back in shape after a protracted absence? You may customize your training with the Personalized Heart Zone according to your fitness level and present health. It determines the ideal running levels according to your present physical capacity. You may design and track your own customized fitness program with the Custom Workout in addition to the new Track Run feature that tracks your runs. It also boasts over fifty exercise modes and automatic workout detection.

Your body composition provides a clear image of your level of fitness as well as a more in-depth approach to tracking, organizing, and achieving your fitness objectives. It does this by recording physical parameters such as skeletal muscle, basal metabolic rate, body water, and body fat %. This may provide you with a more thorough understanding of your existing state of health. It’s useful, particularly if you’re considering picking up your exercise regimen again, whether it be outside riding or jogging or in the gym.

Making new acquaintances, joining exercise courses, and connecting with athletic communities are all excellent summertime activities. Bonus points if you can combine these with charitable giving! One instance is the Galaxy Watch Earth Day Run 2024, which is being held at the SM Mall of Asia Complex by Samsung Philippines and RunRio. The event aims to raise awareness of critical environmental issues, encourage sustainable practices, and encourage a “greener” approach to consumption and conservation.

Ten thousand runners took part in the race, which was also sponsored by the Tzu Chi Foundation Philippines. Samsung’s ecosystem category head, Jelina King, stated that the Galaxy Watch6 and Galaxy Fit3 were the top contenders because they combined two of the company’s most important causes: “building sustainability into product experience and pushing for wellness with technology.”

Peace with each stride

Prioritizing safety above all else, the Galaxy Watch6 has you covered with its Fall Detection feature, which can identify falls regardless of your location or activity. The Galaxy Watch6 will alert specific contacts and emergency numbers to help you in the event that it detects a fall.


Sustaining a healthy lifestyle is contingent upon getting adequate sleep. The Advanced Sleep Coaching feature on the Galaxy Watch6 allows you to track and modify your sleep cycle and sleeping style. In addition to giving you a Sleep Animal Symbol to help you better understand your sleep style and how to improve the quality of your sleep, it offers a thorough analysis of your Sleep Score Factors to assist you become conscious of your sleep habits.

The Advanced Sleep Monitoring feature tracks your sleep patterns, as well as your sleep stage, snores and blood oxygen throughout the night, giving you peace of mind the moment you drift off to sleep.

Let the Samsung Galaxy Watch6 series and the Galaxy Fit3 inspire you to reignite your fitness goals and motivate you to start moving! For more information, visit


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