TCL Takes the Top Spot in the Philippine TV Market

TCL Takes the Top Spot in the Philippine TV Market

Manila, Philippines: Good news, Filipino TV watchers! The Philippines’ top spot in the Panel TV Brand category has officially been taken by TCL, a leading global brand in consumer electronics, as per TRS Research’s Annual Cumulative Market Share Data for Panel TVs. This outstanding accomplishment confirms TCL’s leadership in the Philippine TV industry and its standing as a premier brand globally.

TCL Reigns Supreme and Captures the Top Spot in the Philippine TV Market

Manila, Philippines: Filipino television viewers, rejoice! Based on TRS Research’s Annual Cumulative Market Share Data for Panel TVs, TCL, an established worldwide brand in consumer electronics, has officially taken the top spot in the Philippines for Panel TV Brands. This amazing feat demonstrates TCL’s dominance in the Philippine TV market and its status as a top brand internationally.

TCL’s global success is undeniable. The brand ranked No. 2 in the global TV shipment market from January to December 2023. According to Omdia’s Global TV sets report, TCL shipped an impressive 25.26 million units in 2023, capturing a substantial 12.5% market share.

As part of its objective, TCL aspires to provide every Filipino home with an outstanding and cutting-edge TV. There is a TCL TV that is ideal for everyone because to their broad selection of products, which suit different tastes and price points.

TCL Philippines CEO, Mr. Loyal Cheng, expresses his gratitude: “We’re incredibly proud to share this achievement with our dedicated team and all our valued customers who have made it possible. We’re honored by this recognition and remain committed to delivering innovative and high-quality products that bring joy, comfort, and entertainment to Filipino households.”

Pioneering Innovation via State-of-the-Art Technology

TCL has established itself as a dominant force in the Philippine appliance market, with an astounding 34% average growth rate for the whole company. Filipino clients’ unwavering commitment and support have been the foundation of this achievement.

Kathryn Bernardo: The Ideal Representation of TCL’s Goals

In celebration of this significant day, TCL presents its newest digital video commercial (DVC), which stars the amazing Kathryn Bernardo as its brand ambassador. Kathryn, who is well-known for her accomplishments and commitment, exemplifies TCL’s goal of inspiring greatness. Whether overcoming obstacles or rejoicing in successes, TCL TVs offer the ideal comfort, amusement, and useful solutions for enhancing daily living.

Kathryn Bernardo shares her passion in the new DVC: “In front of or behind the camera, with or without applause, I continue to share my story to inspire others. The road to success isn’t always clear, but as long as you have a vision, never give up on your fight. Because there will come a time when you too will be the inspiration.”

The Future of Entertainment: A Glimpse with TCL

Fresh off its #1 ranking, TCL gears up for a massive campaign showcasing its latest innovations and cutting-edge technology in big-screen TVs. Filipinos can expect to be amazed by TCL’s commitment to providing unparalleled entertainment experiences.


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