Take on motherhood with vivo’s Modern Mom competition and win V30 Pro

Take on motherhood with vivo’s Modern Mom competition and win V30 Pro.

MANILA, Philippines—Global smartphone company Vivo is offering contemporary mothers the opportunity to share their tales of empowerment and enter to win the V30 Pro, which was co-engineered with ZEISS, in honor of motherhood.

The days of giving up dreams and passions to become a mother are long gone. Vivo’s Modern Mom campaign honors the modern mother, who embodies perseverance, power, and style.

Mothers from different backgrounds are invited to enter the #vivoModernMom competition and share their journeys through eye-catching images and motivational narratives.

The project honors women for their enduring commitment to their families and their priceless contributions to society. The ambassador for Vivo, Anne Curtis, is a prime example of a contemporary woman who has embraced parenting while still excelling in her work.

Starting May 21, 2024 and running until June 21, 2024 the competition unfolds in three themes, each focusing on different aspects of modern motherhood.

Weekly winners will be announced on vivo Facebook, Instagram, and X, leading up to the grand announcement of vivo Ultimate Modern Mom on June 21.
To participate:
1. Capture a photo with your vivo phone featuring the vivo watermark.
2. Grab your mini-me and take a shot.
3. Share the photo on Instagram, Facebook, and X.
4. In the caption, answer the weekly questions such as “What kind of mommy are you?”

5. Mention @vivo_Philippines and include the hashtag #vivoModernMom.

Vivo V30 Pro is one of the fantastic prizes up for grabs for the most intriguing shot.
Participate in the #vivoModernMom competition to celebrate the essence of modern parenting with vivo. Prove to the world that becoming a mother is not a constraint, but rather a chance to flourish, motivate, and influence others.

With vivo, embrace your journey, tell your tale, and allow your own light to shine brightly.


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