HONOR Magic6 Pro: A Flagship Powerhouse in the Philippines 

HONOR Magic6 Pro: A Flagship Powerhouse in the Philippines 

Manila, Philippines  – HONOR, a leading smartphone brand, recently launched the mighty HONOR Magic6 Pro in the Philippines. This flagship boasts an impressive camera system, featuring a 50MP main sensor, an ultra-wide lens, and a staggering 180MP periscope telephoto lens for capturing stunning detail even at 100x zoom.

Unmatched Power and Functionality

The HONOR Magic6 Pro runs on Google Mobile Services (GMS), ensuring seamless access to popular apps, mobile banking with enhanced security, and convenient cloud integration across Google devices. Additionally, the device supports blazing-fast 5G connectivity, offering users a significant bandwidth upgrade compared to previous generations.

Superior Performance and Battery Life

Under the hood, the Magic6 Pro packs a powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, delivering exceptional performance. This is further enhanced by a robust 5600mAh Silicon-Carbon battery, ensuring long-lasting power for all your daily tasks. Benchmarks like Antutu highlight this dominance, with the Magic6 Pro scoring a staggering 2 million points, surpassing the HUAWEI Pura70 Ultra by a significant margin.

With respect to connectivity, the HONOR Magic6 Pro is compatible with lightning-fast 5G network speeds, providing more capacity for several devices than earlier network generations. Its sturdy 5600mAh Silicon-Carbon battery and potent Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 Processor under the hood deliver better performance than the HUAWEI Pura70 Ultra.

The HONOR Magic6 Pro outperforms the HUAWEI Pura70 Ultra by 1.1 million points, with an amazing average score of 2 million according to Antutu Benchmark tests, demonstrating its exceptional overall phone performance.

Going head to head the HONOR Magic 6 Pro ticks all the boxes for being a better phone than the HUAWEI Pura70 Ultra. We have yet to have an hands on test of either phone but as soon as we get our hands on the phone we will be doing a comparison.




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