ESGS 2018 Day 2 Coverage

ESGS 2018 Day 2 Coverage

Our day 2 coverage of ESGS coincides with our 100th video of our youtube channel.

We take a closer look at the major brands that are present in this year’s gaming summit. The major brands try to outdo each other in bringing you the best innovation, the most powerful gaming platforms currently available in the country.

ASUS brings us one of best-looking booths in the summit. They are showing off their vaunted Republic Of Gamers Line Up. The gaming pedigree is already seen in how they showcase their laptops and desktops. They also bring the first officially launched gaming-centric smartphone The ROG Phone. The phone is scheduled to be officially launched tomorrow. Until then we have to wait for how much the phone will be costing.

Next ACER also brings their Predator Brand to the fray. Showcasing the capabilities of the laptops and desktops by showcasing their Virtual Reality Capability. Their booth also drew long lines and was also very impressive.

We also looked at HP with their gaming brand the HP Omen. They also were showcasing their laptops and desktops and trying to woo gamers by showing off how powerful and cutting-edge their solutions are.

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