ASUS Premium Care Check-up for Laptops

ASUS Premium Care Check-up for Laptops
Late last year around October ASUS announce the Premium Care for the ASUS ROG laptops that were purchased in authorized ASUS partner stores. The premium care package contained a 9 point checklist to optimize the performance of the laptop. We all know that buying an ASUS ROG Gaming laptop is a sizeable investment for all of us. We might be using it for Gaming for which it was designed for or productivity applications such as Video and photo editing. That’s why we rejoiced when the announcement was made. The best part about it is that it is absolutely free.
Here is the 9 point checklist.
1. Over-All System Diagnosis
2. Thermal Compound Re-pasting
3. Fan / Air Vent cleaning
4. Memory “golden pins” cleaning
5. Keyboard Cleaning
6. Cosmetics Part Cleaning
7. LCD Cleaning
8. Recommendations
9. Final Over-All System Check-Up
ASUS has also partnered with CoolerMaster a leading brand for thermal solutions to use their thermal compound.
ASUS recently invited us to see what happens behind the curtains after you give the laptop to their very qualified technicians and engineers.
We will not be doing a video on this since most of the activities are proprietary to ASUS and it what gives them their unique advantage. Photos, however, were allowed to be taken.
We listened to a brief introduction by Jerome (Fondly called McDo by the tech media) on what really happens when you turn in your laptop for ASUS Premium Care Checkup services.
On the day we visited one of our Media Friends brought an ASUS ROG Zephyrus laptop for Premium Care Checkup.
They went thru the 9 step checklist and they were pretty comprehensive.
Quality is maintained thru every step of the process with standardized procedures and manuals. As with everything with quality the procedure did take time to assure every step of the procedure was done properly.
With ASUS Premium Care Check-up you are assured that your ROG laptops will be performing in Tip Top condition for a longer period of time.
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