Does the New iPhone have a charging problem?

Does the New iPhone have a charging problem?

There has been some time since the release of the latest generation of iPhones the XS, XS Max and the XR, and the phones are just now arriving at our shores and Apple fans are delighted that the phone is here albeit costing an arm and a leg or a kidney in some cases.

But there has been a problem that has been creeping up and early adopters have been noticing it and have been airing their grievances online and unbox therapy a huge YouTube channel has picked up on this and tried to do their own evaluation. Click the video to see what they found out.

Today Apple released iOS 12.1 beta 2 and, despite the software having no official release notes, is this Apple acknowledging that there is a problem? We shall have to wait and see.

To be transparent I have been an iPhone user since iPhone 4 and I am definitely familiar with all of the quirks of the various ios operating system upgrades through the years. The latest one ios 12 which was released on September 17th seems to be the culprit to the ongoing issue that not only affects the XS and XR series but also older iPhones.

This just goes to show us once again that there are certainly some bugs and issues to fix when something new comes out. This is not isolated to Apple as a manufacturer bust also based on my experience affect other products as well. Manufacturers try to simulate all possible scenarios that their product will face, but nothing really beats real-world testing and data.

iPhones are always notorious for having a short battery life and that you always need to have a handy power bank to be able to charge your phone when you are on the go. Now let’s see if the latest IOS update addresses this problem and fixes the issue.

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