iACADEMY Steams Ahead: Showcasing Innovation and Talent

iACADEMY Steams Ahead: Showcasing Innovation and Talent in Game Development, Animation, and More

iACADEMY, a Philippine powerhouse in innovative education, recently held a media day event at its Makati campus, wowing attendees with its cutting-edge approach to Game Development, Animation, and Multimedia Arts. The institution, boasting a 22-year legacy, unveiled its world-class equipment, a dynamic curriculum, and the power of emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality.

The event ignited excitement with the news of iACADEMY’s triumph at the Huawei ICT 2023-2024 National Championship’s Computing Track. This victory, achieved by aspiring game developers, has propelled iACADEMY to the regional stage, where they’ll compete in Jakarta, Indonesia this April.

“Filipinos are natural design talents,” declared Kiko Napalit, Dean of the School of Computing. “Our students’ designs are internationally competitive. With support from government and private sectors, iACADEMY can empower the Philippine game development industry to soar.”

Beyond games, iACADEMY champions career diversity for its computing and design students. Graduates enjoy a remarkable 96% employment rate across various fields, including animation, multimedia arts, AI, software engineering, web development, data science, cloud computing, and cybersecurity.

Attended by prominent figures like Vice President of Academics Cecilia Sy, Dean Kiko Napalit, Dean Jon Cuyson (School of Design and the Arts), Dean JV Padua (School of Business and Liberal Arts), and Senior High School Principal Paolo Noceda, the event showcased iACADEMY’s groundbreaking educational approach.

The future of career opportunities with Augmented and Virtual Reality took center stage, complete with an immersive demo. Following the showcase, deans confidently addressed media inquiries about iACADEMY’s plans, job placement success, and the promising careers awaiting graduates.

iACADEMY’s media day event served as a testament to its dedication to fostering innovation and nurturing talent in the ever-evolving realms of Game Development, Animation, and beyond. Their commitment to empowering the next generation of Filipino professionals positions them as a leader in shaping the future of education and the creative industries.


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