Hands-On with the Galaxy Fold

Hands-On with the Galaxy Fold: A Foldable Form Factor with a New User Experience

The long wait is over. Samsung has finally started its pre-order period of the Galaxy Fold from November 18 to December 1, 2019. The category-defining device is only available through Globe’s and Smart’s respective plan offers.

Every purchase of the device comes with Galaxy Buds and exclusive premier services, Samsung Concierge and Care+. Samsung Concierge gives access to specialized customer care programs including a 24/7 dedicated hotline, free pick-up and delivery assistance, and service express lanes, among others. Customers get to directly consult with the company’s tech experts for any queries. Meanwhile, Samsung Care+ is a hassle-free year-long program to assist Galaxy Fold owners for any emergency concerns. It also includes repair coverage for one year.

The Galaxy Fold’s unique design and foldable form factor provide a brand-new user experience with two options for screen size in one device.

When closed, the user can comfortably access all essential apps with just one hand. But when opened, the 7.3-inch Infinity Flex Display offers a truly immersive viewing experience, allowing one to get lost in videos on a screen that’s so big it’s unbelievable that it fits in a pocket.

Samsung developed two features, App Continuity and Multi-Active Window, to facilitate maximum productivity and ease of use when switching between the Galaxy Fold’s two displays.

With App Continuity, users can switch from using an app on the cover display to using it on the main display seamlessly. For example, users can check their email when the device is folded. But when they open the device to reply, a version of the email app that is optimized for the expansive screen will open, allowing a comfortable view of the full contents of the email. Following the uninterrupted screen transition, emails can be responded to using the keyboard with its optimized screen placement.

On the other hand, Multi-Active Window allows users to take advantage of the increased screen real state of the main display. Now, users can open multiple apps simultaneously and easily use them at the same time, thanks to an optimized UX for next-level multitasking. While reading an email, drag and drop the Calendar as well as Google Maps from the device’s side panel into the Multi-active Window to work in three windows simultaneously and coordinate a meeting quickly and efficiently. Each app window can be easily resized in order to see more or less as desired.

The Galaxy Fold’s versatile pro-level hexa-lens camera system takes photo and video recording experience to a whole new level. It is equipped with the latest features such as Scene Optimizer, Shot Suggestions, and Flaw Detection for crisp and clear images. Users can also take advantage of the different modes such as Food, Panorama, Pro, Live, Super Slow-mo, and Hyperlapse, and Super Steady.

Be among the exclusive few to unfold the future of devices. To pre-order, visit samsung.com/ph/galaxy-fold-preorder/.

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