Globe, Sophos helps businesses vs cyber threats

Globe, Sophos helps businesses vs cyber threats


(L-R) Julius Suarez-Sophos ASEAN Systems Engineer, Margaret Acibron – VP Sales for NetPlay Inc., Jett Ching-Sophos Territory Manager for Netplay Inc. , William Arnaiz – Globe Business Consulting Manager, Jojo Rafaeles- Globe Business Industry Sales Head at the Globe Business-Sophos Cybersecurity Forum

Globe Business, through its partnership with NCSI Philippines, welcomes Sophos as part of its Cybersecurity portfolio. Sophos is an English security software and hardware company that arms businesses with the necessary tools to keep their operations secure and protected from cyber threats.

“Providing our customers with Sophos solutions is a step towards seeing ‘businesses flourish.’ We recognize that one of the keys to a sustainable business operation is to ensure that customer network and endpoint devices remain secure over the long haul. Globe and Sophos are here to provide the value of security,” said Peter Maquera, Globe Senior Vice President for Enterprise Group.

Globe now carries Sophos’ next generation firewalls and Unified Threat Management (UTM) devices to fortify and strengthen the companies’ first line of defense in cyberspace.

The firewall monitors and controls incoming and outgoing network traffic bases using predetermined security rules and keeps attackers or external threats from getting access to the companies’ system.

To give their customers a glimpse of the most common cyber threats lurking in the digital world and how to fight them, Globe and Sophos recently held an event in Cebu City with various companies from the healthcare, hospitality, IT, mining and retail industries.

According to Maquera, Globe recognizes that as companies adopt new technologies and transform their operations into the digital space, they are facing higher cybersecurity threats that could cripple their businesses. Advancements may at times put their systems at risk and may even result in tremendous losses if not addressed immediately.

Thus, through Globe Business, the telecom company is able to help companies fight cyber threats that have highly evolved and are continuously trying to find vulnerabilities in all organizations regardless of size.

Globe itself takes cyber security very seriously and has poured a lot of investment into its operations to ensure that its cyber landscape is safe and secure. It has consolidated all of its security and data privacy groups for a better and more holistic view of the threats to its cybersecurity. This same approach to cyber threats is what Globe Business is bringing to its customers, particularly large enterprises.

Globe Business believes that keeping businesses safe and secure will allow them to become more efficient, come up with better products, keep their customers satisfied, and allow business operations to run smoothly, with the end goal of helping grow their profits. This is in line with UN Sustainable Development Goal No. 9 which encourages the building of resilient infrastructure, promotes inclusion and sustainable industrialization and fosters innovation.


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