DigiPlus Champions Digital Literacy and Responsible Online Habits at DICT’s “Bayang Digital” Event 

DigiPlus Champions Digital Literacy and Responsible Online Habits at DICT’s “Bayang Digital” Event 

DICT Asst. Secretary for Consumer Protection, Wilroy Ticzon; DICT Asst. Secretary for Legal Affairs, Renato Paraiso; and DICT Asst. Secretary for Infrastructure Management, Philip Varilla, join the BingoPlus Foundation team during the Bayang Digital, Bagong Pilipinas Expo.

DigiPlus Interactive Corp., a leading Philippine digital entertainment company, reaffirms its commitment to responsible digitalization through its support of the Department of Information and Communications Technology’s (DICT)Bayang Digital, Bagong Pilipinas” event. Held last June 3rd at the Philippine International Convention Center, the Expo was a key part of the National Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Month celebration.

Promoting a Safer Digital Space for Filipinos

DigiPlus Interactive continues to multiply the fun by celebrating National ICT Month and promoting the importance of technology in extending limitless opportunities to Filipinos.

“As DigiPlus grows, we prioritize creating a safe online environment for Filipinos,” said Andy Tsui, DigiPlus President and Bingoplus Foundation Chairman. “Through our social development arm, the Bingoplus Foundation, we actively support programs and initiatives that promote responsible digitalization nationwide” .

National ICT Month: Bridging the Digital Divide

FutureSmart Scholarships and the Coding for Kids program of BingoPlus Foundation aim to nurture the next generation of Filipino tech talents.

This year’s National ICT Month theme, “Bayang Digital ang Bagong Pilipinas”, emphasizes the role of ICT in:

  • Enhancing government service delivery
  • Strengthening cybersecurity
  • Expanding opportunities for Filipinos

The Expo attracted attendees from government agencies, academic institutions, and IT, communications, and technology industry leaders

DigiPlus and Bingoplus Foundation: Investing in the Future

DigiPlus Interactive will continue promoting responsible digitalization with the DICT through a TechTalk Series for youth leaders titled “Tech-Ready Youth: Empowering Responsible Skills”

Earlier in 2024, DigiPlus Interactive and the Bingoplus Foundation committed over Php100 million to support initiatives promoting a digitally-advanced and resilient Philippines. Their focus areas include:

  • Technology Education: The FutureSmart Scholarships and The PLUS Factor program bridge the gap between quality education and leadership development for promising young tech talents. This ICT Month, they launched the Coding for Kids program, fostering a fun and engaging approach to STEM learning and sparking an interest in technology amongst the youth.
  • Responsible Digitalization: The Digi Buddy volunteer program empowers Filipino netizens with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate the digital world safely . Their Responsible Gaming campaign promotes healthy online gaming habits, encouraging Filipinos to enjoy the digital world responsibly.

Building a Tech-Savvy and Responsible Filipino Community

DigiPlus Champions Digital Literacy continued collaboration with the DICT extends beyond the “Bayang Digital” event. They will participate in the culminating activity, a TechTalk Series with youth leaders titled “Tech-Ready Youth: Empowering Responsible Skills”. This initiative highlights their dedication to fostering a generation of Filipinos equipped with the digital skills and responsible online behavior needed to thrive in the digital age.


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