Color-changing #NightPortraitMaster smartphone is launching soon

Color-changing #NightPortraitMaster smartphone is launching soon

Earlier this year, vivo unveiled the first vlogging smartphone with Photochromic Technology, the vivo V23. This time around, vivo is rumored to release yet another premium smartphone that also sports a color-changing design and has strong imaging capabilities (even when used at night!), the vivo V25 Series.

Reports say that vivo will be launching three variants under this series: the vivo V25 Pro, vivo V25, and vivo V25e. Diving deeper into the leaked camera specs of each variant, it’s interesting to note that the vivo V25 variant has a 50 MP Eye AF Selfie that keeps the subject in sharp focus and allows them to be selfie-ready even without makeup. Meanwhile, the vivo V25 Pro has a 32MP AF Eye Selfie, the same as the vivo V25e, which equally produces great selfie photos.

The newest line’s Pro variant, the vivo V25 Pro, is expected to be packed with impressive night camera features such as the Real-time Extreme Night Vision, Super Night Mode, Super Night Portrait, and Super Night video that allow users to capture vivid images from dusk to dawn and are said to revolutionize night mobile photography in its price range.

When it comes to vivo’s V25 Series main camera, some hint that the device also has 64MP OIS Ultra-Sensing camera that makes every captured photo and video stunning, whether shot in the daytime or at night. Reports also have it that the vivo V25 Series is equipped with Hybrid Image Stabilization that has OIS and EIS capabilities, making shooting night videos smooth and stable. And what’s even better is that the vivo V25 Series is also rumored to come with a 256 GB bigger memory capacity so the users can keep, create, and save more meaningful memories with their loved ones.

If those next-level mobile photography specs have already gotten you excited about the vivo V25 series, wait til you see how stunning these devices look! The back of the V25 series features a Color-Changing Fluorite AG Glass panel which in itself is already a magical sight to behold.

For the night owls out there, make sure to watch out for more details because vivo is expected to launch the new vivo V25 Series this month, and most likely, at night time.

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