All Hail to the New King of Mobile Cameras

All Hail to the New King of Mobile Cameras

HONOR Magic6 Pro Crowned the King of Cameras by DxOMark

HONOR, a leading global provider of smart devices, has taken the mobile photography world by storm. Their newest flagship, the HONOR Magic6 Pro, has dethroned its rivals and secured the coveted number one spot in DxOMark’s prestigious camera ranking. This accolade signifies the Magic6 Pro’s exceptional camera capabilities, surpassing industry giants like Huawei, Apple, OPPO, Google, and more.

DxOMark’s Validation: A Testament to Innovation

DxOMark, a highly respected independent camera testing organization, conducts thorough evaluations of smartphone cameras. Their rigorous testing procedures ensure consumers receive unbiased and comprehensive data. In their latest rankings, the HONOR Magic6 Pro emerged victorious, not only in the camera category but also for battery, display, and selfie performance. This achievement underscores HONOR’s commitment to innovation and their relentless pursuit of excellence.

Stephen Cheng, Vice President of HONOR Philippines, expressed his elation: “Another revolutionary HONOR device has remarkably stood out, and we are incredibly proud of our R&D and tech engineers’ unwavering dedication. The Magic6 Pro promises to elevate the user experience by seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology into everyday life. We are thrilled to announce that this world-class smartphone will be unveiled in the Philippines very soon.”

Unmatched Camera Performance

DxOMark’s in-depth analysis revealed the HONOR Magic6 Pro’s dominance across all camera tests. It achieved a staggering score of 160 in Photo, 85 in Bokeh (background blur), 83 in Preview, 160 in Zoom, and a remarkable 150 in Video.

DxOMark further elaborated on the reasons behind the Magic6 Pro’s camera supremacy. They commended the device for its:

  • Vivid and Natural Colors: Both photographs and videos boast stunningly natural color palettes.
  • Exceptional Detail: Impressive detail remains consistent throughout various zoom settings.
  • Blazing-Fast Autofocus: Photos are captured with lightning-fast and accurate focus.
  • Superb Portrait Mode: Bokeh mode delivers beautiful portraits with precise subject segmentation.
  • Expanded Depth of Field: Scenes with subjects positioned at varying depths are captured with remarkable clarity.
  • Exceptional Dynamic Range: Photos and videos display a broad dynamic range, resulting in accurate face exposure.

Beyond the Camera: A Powerhouse in Every Aspect

DxOMark’s praise extends beyond the camera. They were equally impressed with the HONOR Magic6 Pro’s formidable battery life. The device boasts a large 5600 mAh battery, capable of delivering up to 3.5 days of moderate use on a single charge. DxOMark highlighted the battery’s exceptional performance across various usage scenarios, including idle screen time, video streaming, gaming, and calling.

The HONOR Magic6 Pro’s reign as the new camera king is a testament to HONOR’s relentless pursuit of excellence. Boasting a revolutionary camera system, a long-lasting battery, and a superior display, the Magic6 Pro is poised to redefine the mobile experience for users worldwide. Stay tuned for its much-anticipated arrival in the Philippines!

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