BPI Strengthens Debit Card Security

BPI Strengthens Debit Card Security with Exclusive Personal Cyber Insurance

BPI Credit Cards might offer robust security features, but for added protection in today’s digital world, BPI goes a step further. They’re now pioneering Personal Cyber Insurance specifically designed for their BPI Debit Cardholders.

This innovative insurance acts as a powerful shield, safeguarding users against potential online threats and providing peace of mind for everyday transactions.

Why Choose BPI Personal Cyber Insurance?

“We prioritize the security of our valued BPI Debit Cardholders,” says Jenny Lacerna, Product & Sales Head for Unsecured Lending and Cards. “This new Personal Cyber Insurance strengthens their daily transactions and reflects our dedication to their financial well-being.”

Benefits of BPI Personal Cyber Insurance

  • E-commerce Purchase Protection: Get reimbursed for online purchases using your BPI Debit Mastercard® if items are accidentally damaged or undelivered by a fraudulent seller.
  • Lost Card Protection: Receive coverage for unauthorized/fraudulent transactions on your card up to 12 hours before reporting the incident to BPI.
  • Third-Party Unauthorized Transfers: Get protection from unauthorized fund transfers initiated by an external party using your BPI Debit Mastercard® account.

Affordable and Convenient

Starting at a budget-friendly Php 700 annually, you can choose a coverage plan that fits your needs. BPI also offers automatic renewals for added convenience.

BPI: Your Partner in Digital Security

BPI’s Personal Cyber Insurance underscores their commitment to your financial security in the ever-evolving digital landscape. This innovative offering complements the existing security features of your BPI Debit card, providing an extra layer of defense against cyber threats.

Ready to Learn More?

Visit l.bpi.com.ph/DebitCyberInsurance for detailed information and coverage options. You can also contact the 24-hour BPI Contact Center at (+632) 889-10000 or send a message through https://www.bpi.com.ph/contactus.

Don’t wait! Secure your online transactions with BPI’s Personal Cyber Insurance and enjoy peace of mind while banking digitally.


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