TCL’s FreshIN 2.0: Breathe Easy and Live Cool This Summer

TCL’s FreshIN 2.0: Bre athe Easy and Live Cool This Summer

TCL, a leading consumer electronics brand, is proud to introduce the TCL CoolPro| FreshIN 2.0 Breathe+, Live Cool Inverter Air Conditioner. This innovative AC promises to revolutionize your home comfort with its focus on fresh, healthy air and superior cooling.

Beyond Cooling: Freshness Redefined

The FreshIN 2.0 goes beyond traditional air conditioners by offering a comprehensive solution for healthy living. Its innovative features prioritize fresh air circulation and air purification, creating a healthier and more invigorating indoor environment.

Two-way Fresh Air: Balanced Comfort

This unique technology ensures a consistent and comfortable temperature. It balances the intake of fresh air with the removal of stale air, preventing unpleasant temperature fluctuations. This fresh air is then filtered through a multi-stage process for optimal quality.

QuadruPuri Filters: Breathe Clean Air

These powerful filters remove dust, allergens, and bacteria from incoming air. The four stages of filtration include a preliminary filter, a silver ion antibacterial layer, a HEPA filter, and a high-density filter, ensuring exceptional air purification.

Real-time Air Quality Monitoring

The air quality display provides immediate feedback on the health of your indoor environment. A color-coded system lets you know if the air quality is optimal, allowing you to take action if needed.

FreshIN+ Function: Customizable Freshness

This multi-mode air purifier tackles different scenarios. Choose from Breathing Mode for natural airflow, Fresh Air Mode for increased ventilation, Exhaust Mode for removing odors, or Purification Mode for targeted air cleaning.

Gentle Breeze: Natural Comfort

Enjoy the refreshing sensation of a gentle breeze without the harsh blasts of traditional air conditioning. This feature provides a more natural cooling experience.

4-Step Auto Clean: Effortless Maintenance

This automated cleaning system removes dust, dirt, and impurities with a four-step process: drawing, frosting, sterilizing, and drying. Enjoy cleaner air and improved performance with just a single button press.

Precise Temperature Control

The TCL CoolPro maintains a consistent and comfortable temperature within your room, ensuring optimal cooling efficiency.

Smart Control for Modern Convenience

Operate your AC remotely with the TCL Home app using your smartphone or voice commands. The app also displays real-time fresh air volume and energy consumption, allowing you to monitor usage and adjust settings. Customize sleep profiles for adults, seniors, and children to ensure a comfortable sleep environment for everyone.

Welcome the summer season with a breath of fresh air. Experience the TCL CoolPro | FreshIN 2.0 and redefine your home comfort.

The TCL CoolPro | FreshIN 2.0 Breathe+, Live Cool Air Conditioner is now available in all authorized TCL Dealers nationwide.  For more information, visit the TCL website at


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