vivo and ZEISS Partner to Elevate Mobile Photography

vivo and ZEISS Partner to Elevate Mobile Photography with V30 Pro

Manila, Philippines – Leading smartphone brand vivo and renowned optics pioneer ZEISS have announced a collaboration bringing cutting-edge optical technology to the upcoming vivo V30 Pro. This partnership marks a significant step forward for mobile photography, offering users an enhanced experience across various scenarios.

A Strategic Alliance for Innovation

This collaboration builds upon the successful partnership established in 2020, where the two companies co-engineered advanced imaging systems for vivo’s premium X Series smartphones. In the Philippines, the X series, culminating in the X80 lineup, has showcased professional-grade camera technology and propelled users into a new era of mobile photography.

V30 Pro: Unlocking Photographic Potential

The V30 Pro, the latest addition to the V series, will be the first to benefit from ZEISS’s expertise. This flagship device boasts a ZEISS imaging system, meticulously crafted through extensive cooperation in optical design, lens certification, software development, and shooting effect verification.
vivo and ZEISS collaborative endeavor

In 2020, vivo and ZEISS embarked on a global partnership focused on mobile imaging. Through the strategic collaboration, both companies co-engineered an advanced imaging system tailored for vivo’s premium smartphones, initially showcased in the vivo X60 Series.

In the Philippine market, the introduction of three X Series phones, culminating with the X80 Series, showcased the incorporation of professional-grade camera technologies, propelling users into the realm of mobile photography like never before.

The arrival of the V30 Pro will mark the first V Series smartphone to benefit from ZEISS’s advanced optical technology.

Unveiling Exceptional Photography

The V30 Pro features a triple main camera system co-engineered with ZEISS, promising superior color, contrast, sharpness, and depth in every shot. Whether capturing stunning landscapes, breathtaking portraits, or captivating selfies, the V30 Pro empowers users to capture exceptional moments with exceptional quality.

Unleashing Creativity Awaits

vivo and ZEISS Partner to Elevate Mobile Photography with the launch of the V30 Pro on the horizon, users can anticipate a groundbreaking photographic experience that unleashes their creativity and elevates their mobile photography journey.

Stay tuned to the vivo website, Facebook, X, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube for the unveiling of the vivo V30 Pro, the Portrait Master with ZEISS.


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