TECNO Unveils AI-Powered Imaging System

TECNO Unveils AI-Powered Imaging System, Poised to Revolutionize Mobile Videography

Barcelona, Spain– TECNO, a leading global smartphone brand, has announced the TECNO PolarAce Imaging System, its first-ever system featuring an independent imaging chip. This revolutionary technology utilizes AI and industry-leading advancements to redefine mobile video capture.

Unveiling at MWC 2024:

TECNO will unveil the PolarAce System alongside its new flagship laptop, the MEGABOOK T16 Pro 2024 Ultra, at the TECNO New Technology and Flagship Product Launch event on February 27th. The event will be held at Partner Theatre 3, Hall 8.0, FiraBarcelona Gran Via. Visitors can register here: link to registration.

Addressing Limitations, Unleashing Creativity:

TECNO acknowledges that despite advancements in mobile imaging, limitations remain. Traditional chips lack the power for exceptional video, and current solutions struggle with low-light performance and full-scene HDR. The PolarAce System, leveraging AI and cutting-edge technology, tackles these challenges and empowers content creators.

A New Era for Mobile Video:

This innovative system marks a significant step for TECNO, further solidifying its commitment to harnessing AI for a truly enhanced user experience. By pioneering the PolarAce System, TECNO brings tomorrow’s technology to today’s users, empowering them to capture extraordinary moments with ease.

Experience the Future at MWC:

TECNO invites MWC attendees to visit its stand (6B11, Hall 6, Fira Gran Via) to experience the future of mobile technology firsthand. Witness TECNO’s innovative AI-powered products and witness the PolarAce System in action following the launch event, starting at 6:00 PM on the second day.

TECNO PolarAce: Ushering in a new era of mobile video capture, empowering creators with exceptional capabilities.

To register to attend the TECNO New Technology and Flagship Product Launch event, please click here.


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