Sony’s Burano Propelling Scenic Extremes

Sony’s Burano Propelling Scenic Extremes

The Sony Cinema Alta Burano digital cinema camera is a powerhouse of technology and innovation, built to meet the demands of professional cinematographers. Featuring a Full Frame 8.6K sensor, this camera delivers stunning image quality with exceptional detail and clarity.

One of the standout features of the Sony Cinema Alta Burano is its multiple image scan modes, allowing filmmakers to choose the best setting for their specific project. Whether shooting in standard 16:9, 17:9, or 2.39:1 aspect ratios, this camera offers versatility and flexibility in capturing the perfect shot.

Fast Hybrid AF and AI Subject Recognition AF with touch provide lightning-fast and accurate autofocus capabilities, ensuring that your subjects are always sharp and in focus. The touch functionality makes it easy to select and track subjects with precision.

With lens mount flexibility, the Sony Cinema Alta Burano supports a wide range of lenses, giving filmmakers the freedom to choose the best lens for their creative vision. The camera also boasts 16 stops of dynamic range with Dual Base ISO (800/3200 S-Log3), providing rich and detailed images even in challenging lighting conditions.

Internal 16-bit X-OCN LT and XAVC H recording options give filmmakers the ability to capture high-quality footage with excellent color reproduction and gradation. In-body stabilization helps to eliminate camera shake, allowing for smooth and steady footage even in handheld shooting situations.

The electronic variable ND filter enables filmmakers to easily adjust exposure levels without changing the aperture or shutter speed, ensuring consistent exposure in changing lighting conditions. Dual CFexpress Type B slots provide ample storage for high-resolution footage, while exceptional ergonomics make the Sony Cinema Alta Burano comfortable to use for extended periods of time.

Overall, the Sony Cinema Alta Burano digital cinema camera is a top-of-the-line tool for filmmakers who demand the best in image quality, performance, and versatility. With its advanced features and capabilities, this camera is sure to elevate the quality of any production.

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