TCL and Kathryn Bernardo Renew Partnership

TCL and Kathryn Bernardo Renew Partnership: Inspiring Greatness Together

TCL Philippines and beloved actress Kathryn Bernardo have officially renewed their partnership, solidifying a bond built on shared values and a commitment to innovation. This exciting development marks the continuation of a journey that comenzó in 2023, where Kathryn became the brand ambassador for the world’s leading TV brand.

A Match Made in Memories:

Kathryn’s childhood memories are intertwined with TCL, fondly recalling the “big gray box” that brought her family together for movie nights. Now, she embodies the brand’s growth, witnessing its expansion into air conditioners, washing machines, and refrigerators, offering even more ways to elevate Filipino lifestyles.

Inspiring Greatness:

Kathryn’s journey to becoming a top actress resonates with TCL’s “Inspire Greatness” message. Her dedication and ambition mirror TCL’s constant pursuit of developing innovative products that empower Filipinos to achieve their dreams.

Mutual Admiration:

TCL executives recognize Kathryn’s impact in driving the brand’s success. CEO Loyal Cheng praises her embodiment of the company’s vision, while Marketing Head Shae Xiaoling Yu highlights her inspirational qualities that align perfectly with TCL’s brand message.

Exciting Collaborations Ahead:

Kathryn will spearhead upcoming campaigns for TCL’s diverse product range, including TVs, washing machines, air conditioners, and refrigerators. Shae Xiaoling Yu expresses the company’s enthusiasm for these collaborations, emphasizing Kathryn’s perfect fit for the brand.

“I’m looking forward to a lot of exciting launches for TCL products.  I’m also grateful that we have partnered once again. For someone who have grown up and loved TCL ever since as a kid, it’s such a happy feeling to be part of their biggest campaigns this year,” Kathryn testifies.

TCL Electronics is also set to launch its newest air conditioner model in a few weeks. Likewise, TCL has a growing list of innovative consumer electronic products—from TVs and smart appliances such as Washing Machines, Air Conditioners, Refrigerators, and Air Purifiers. The company strongly upholds its promise to continue to Inspire Greatness for more Filipinos.

Shared Commitment to Growth:

TCL’s upcoming air conditioner launch and expanding range of smart appliances demonstrate their dedication to continuous innovation. This commitment, combined with Kathryn’s inspiring presence, promises to further elevate the brand’s position in the Philippine market.

Beyond a partnership, TCL and Kathryn Bernardo represent a powerful union of shared values, innovation, and a drive to inspire greatness. This renewed collaboration paves the way for exciting developments that will benefit both the brand and its Filipino audience.


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