Superteam Philippines Launches: Your Gateway to the Web3 World

Superteam Philippines Launches: Your Gateway to the Web3 World

Manila, Philippines  The buzzword “Web3” might leave you wondering: what is it and how can I be part of it? Enter Superteam, the global community empowering individuals to explore and unlock opportunities in the decentralized revolution. Today, Superteam officially sets its sights on the Philippines, kicking off its journey with a vibrant launch event in Taguig.

A Community for Building the Future:

More than just a platform, Superteam is a movement fueled by collaboration. Tech enthusiasts, developers, and industry leaders gathered at the launch event, reflecting the diverse community Superteam fosters. “We’re not just here to launch – we’re here to accelerate your Web3 journey,” declared Emerson Fonseca, Core Lead of Superteam Philippines.

Your Web3 Toolkit:

So, what exactly does Superteam offer? They provide a comprehensive toolkit to learn, earn, build, and connect within the Web3 space:

  • Learn: Access educational content, bootcamps, and resources to stay ahead of the curve.
  • Earn: Find bounties, grants, and Solana career opportunities on the platform.
  • Build: Participate in online hackathons, receive mentorship, and turn your ideas into reality through local demo days.
  • Connect: Network with fellow enthusiasts, exchange ideas, and build meaningful connections at IRL meet-ups and hacker houses.

Superteam Philippines: Making a Local Impact:

Superteam’s ambitious goals for the Philippines include:

  • 10,000+ IRL Meet-up Attendees: Fostering a vibrant community through in-person gatherings.
  • 100+ Activities Across the Philippines: Engaging and educating individuals nationwide.
  • 2,000+ Hackathon Registrations: Empowering developers to showcase their skills.

The innovative PH Superspaces initiative further fuels their goals, offering over 100 activities and attracting thousands to hackathons. This commitment to the local tech ecosystem is evident.

Ready to Join the Movement?

Dive into the world of Web3 with Superteam Philippines! Follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Discord, and Telegram to stay updated and become part of the community.


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