Acer Ignites Asia Pacific with Epic Esports and Filipino Star Power

Acer Ignites Asia Pacific with Epic Esports and Filipino Star Power at Predator League 2024

The Mall of Asia Arena in Manila erupted last Sunday as the Asia Pacific Predator League 2024 crowned its champions, electrifying the crowds with both esports clashes and performances from Filipino superstars. Sold-out arenas and roaring online streams showcased the region’s booming esports scene, fueled by the Predator brand’s dedication to high-performance gaming.

Blacklist Reigns Supreme in Dota 2:

The rivalry was legendary, the stakes were high, and in the end, Blacklist Rivalry emerged victorious over fellow Filipino powerhouse Execration in the Dota 2 grand finals. Abed “Abed” Yusop’s masterful performance, averaging 8.5 kills and 14 assists per game, proved unstoppable. Blacklist’s strategic shutdown of Execration’s star player Mark “Bob” Urbino sealed their fate, granting them the coveted Predator Shield and a cool USD$65,000 prize.

Team Secret: The “Adobo Gang” Conquers VALORANT:

Team Secret, dubbed “The Adobo Gang” by their passionate fans, lived up to their name by dominating the VALORANT scene. Adrian “invy” Reyes shone throughout the tournament, leading his team to a decisive win against Japan’s FAV Gaming in the finals. This victory marked their first LAN trophy and Predator Shield, cementing their place among the region’s elite. Team Secret savors a USD$65,000 victory, leaving FAV Gaming with USD$20,000 and a second-place finish.

Beyond the Arena: A Celebration of Filipino Talent:

The Asia Pacific Predator League wasn’t just about esports. Acer Ignites Asia Pacific and brought together the best of Filipino entertainment, featuring electrifying performances from Acer ambassadors SB19 and Sarah Geronimo. Fans were treated to meet-and-greets with Predator ambassadors Cong TV and Team Payaman, alongside renowned influencers and cosplayer Alodia Gosiengfiao.

The live music scene exploded with Day 1’s dynamic opening acts, Felip and Ylona Garcia. Urbandub, Al James, and TV personality Donny Pangilinan added their unique flavors to the mix. Day 2 brought the energy up another notch with Josh Cullen, Sandwich, Spongecola, Pablo, and the evening’s highlight: KZ Tandingan belting out the Predator anthem, “It Lies Within.”

The Future is Now: Predator League Heads to Malaysia:

With the Asia Pacific Predator League 2024 roaring to a close, excitement for the next chapter has already begun. Mark your calendars – the Predator League will be back in Malaysia in 2025, with qualifiers kicking off later this year. Get ready for another year of epic esports battles and electrifying entertainment, all powered by the passion of the Asia Pacific region and the relentless spirit of Predator.

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