TCL UV Connect+ Air Conditioner: The Future of Cooling

TCL UV Connect+ Air Conditioner: The Future of Cooling

The TCL UV Connect+ Air Conditioner, the company’s newest air conditioner, has been introduced by TCL, the top consumer electronics company and second-largest TV manufacturer in the world. Thanks to its top-of-the-line features like Gentle Breeze, CleanXpress, and Extreme Cooling, this cutting-edge air conditioner promises to deliver the utmost cooling comfort for the entire family.

The Gentle Breeze function produces a smooth, laminar airflow that is relaxing and rejuvenating using 18 S-shaped blades with 1422 micro-holes. This avoids the discomfort and dryness that direct airflow from a conventional air conditioner may occasionally bring about.

The air conditioner may be cleaned automatically and systematically with the help of the CleanXpress feature. This contains a 3-step Auto Clean procedure that cleans the unit of dirt, dust, and other contaminants. Additionally, the air conditioner will provide you a filter-cleaning reminder so you can maintain your air conditioner operating at its peak.

The TCL UV Connect+ Air Conditioner can stay cool even in extreme weather thanks to the Extreme Cooling feature. Its air-cooled E-box, which guarantees continuous cooling even at 60°C ambient and 100% cooling capacity output at 50°C ambient, is responsible for this.

Cash and Carry Makati has the TCL UV Connect+ Air Conditioner in stock currently in preparation for a product demonstration on September 9 and 10. It will soon be accessible at all authorized TCL dealers around the country.

Additional information on the TCL UV Connect+ Air Conditioner, which makes it The Future of Cooling, is provided below.

  • It features a Wi-Fi connection, allowing you to control it using a tablet or smartphone.
  • It is energy-efficient because of its 5-star certification.
  • It comes with a 12-month warranty.

If you are looking for a new air conditioner that will provide you with ultimate cooling comfort, the TCL UV Connect+ Air Conditioner is the perfect choice for you. Visit Cash and Carry Makati on September 9 and 10 to see and experience it for yourself.

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