Lenovo TrackPods Amazing Performance for Earbuds

Lenovo TrackPods Amazing Performance for Earbuds
Lenovo enters the highly competitive earbuds segment

When you hear the brand Lenovo earbuds will be the last thing on your mind. Lenovo is known for being on the cutting edge of computing technology and quite honestly if you thing about it, earbuds are a lot of the tangent. 
But that recently change with the recent launch of the Lenovo TrackPods True Wireless Stereo Earbuds. The earbuds are priced at Php 3,995.00 a little bit on the pricey range of the earbuds with their competition usually hovering below the range. 
I have been using the TrackPods for a couple of weeks now and let me give you my review of I think of the earbuds.
Out of the Box
The Lenovo TrackPods out of the box comes with 2 additional sizes of earbuds, a charging cable, a carrying pouch, a small strap and a stylish earbuds charging dock. 
– Bluetooth 5.0
– Qualcomm CSR 3020 Chip
– Ergonomic In-Ear Design
– 6 Hours of Playtime + 4 Charges
– 90 Hours Standby
– IPx7 Water Proof
– PU Coated Skin + Leather Strap
– USB-C Charging
Design, Feel and Build Quality
The earbuds are mostly made of plastic but does not at all feel cheap. The earbuds actually feel actually premium. Together with the PU coated skin of the charging case the Lenovo TrackPods actually look and feel premium. The design fits nice and snug in my ear and does not easily fall of even when i move around or go walking. It is also a major plus of the IP X7 Water proof rating since i am really sweaty and when using the earbuds while walking, 
Battery and Controls
The battery actually last a longer than the earbuds i usually use. it lasts and entire working day with our losing connection to your device. The Battery can be charged up 4 times which is pretty handy when you travel.
The controls are similar to existing earbuds on press will stop the track or video you are watching on YouTube. Two quick presses skips you current track, Three returns you to the previous track, press and hold launches the voice assistant, paring or simply turn off the earbuds. The only thing that seems lacking is that there is no volume control on the earbuds.
Sound Quality
The most important part of the performance of the earbuds. The sound quality is crisp and clear, the voices in song are very distinct which i really refreshing. If you are listening to music the earbuds seems to be lacking in some aspect, the bass seem to lack the punch. The treble range is fantastic and is where the earbuds get the job done.
I also have used the Lenovo TrackPods in zoom meeting and in our Pod casts, the voice is clear enough to be hear but it seems there is something lacking. The voice is clear enough to do it’s job as what we can expect from your TWS.
The Verdict
Looking at the most important factors for wireless earbuds is the sound quality and comfort. On these two criteria I can say that the Lenovo TrackPods Wireless Earbuds deliver, But the earbuds has it downsides. The earbuds might not be the most comfortable earbuds i have used, but it fits good enough on me for it not to drop and get lost when I am using it outdoors.  If you are an audiophile and looking for truly outstanding sound better to look so me place else.
All in all the Lenovo Trackpods is a decent over-all performer. If you are an audiophile and looking for truly outstanding sound.
We give the Lenovo TrackPods the Brize Rating.
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