Heat up, don’t burn—MOK makes less harmful tobacco experience possible for Pinoys

Manila, Philippines - Millions of smokers are looking for a satisfying yet less harmful alternative to regular cigarettes. That’s exactly what MOK is offering them. The future of tobacco is here; MOK is a Heat-Not-Burn (HnB) device that uses the latest technology to give you a cleaner, full-flavored smoking experience without burning the tobacco. It is a product that delivers nicotine without the harmful smoke of cigarettes.

It is not widely known that the majority of the harmful chemicals in cigarette smoke comes from burning, not the tobacco itself. The smoke that comes from burning tobacco contains potentially hazardous substances (like tar and carbon monoxide).

As the name denotes, “Heat-Not-Burn” means it heats the tobacco instead of burning it. The heating element inside MOK is called the MOK HeatMaster System. This system does not combust tobacco and instead heats it at a lower temperature. This releases a cleaner nicotine-filled vapor instead of the harmful smoke of cigarettes. With this, no ash is produced and there is no second-hand smoke exposure and residual smell that traditional cigarettes produce.

By offering HnB products, MOK gives smokers a better alternative. MOK comes in two very exciting devices. First is MOK, a split device with pocket charger and holder for that satisfying tobacco experience. It has two heating modes that allow users to customize their experience. Single-mode offers a longer experience time of 5-minutes for one heating cycle. Double mode offers shorter experience time of 3-minutes and 30-seconds but in two consecutive heating cycles. And there is MOK mini, an all-in-one device that delivers great flavor and performance. MOK mini is very compact; it is currently the smallest HnB device available. This small device offers big features. It has a fast preheating time at just 12-seconds. It also allows 12 continuous heating cycles with just one full charge, with an experience time of 4-minutes and 10-seconds each.

MOK is exclusively enjoyed with COO. These are specially designed Heat-Not-Burn Sticks that offer a smooth, full-flavored tobacco experience. COO Heat-Not-Burn sticks come in four available variants:

Golden Hue - balanced and refined, with the classic tobacco taste

Blue Hue - fresh and cool flavor, with a delicate and refreshing hit of menthol.

Oriental Hue - full-bodied and distinct that gives a strong yet smooth tobacco flavor.

New Wave Capsule - minty with a surprising lime flavor when the capsule is popped.

The COO Heat-Not-Burn sticks come in more full-flavored variants, but these four well-loved flavors will be the first to be introduced in the country.

MOK is the next best alternative to traditional combustible cigarettes. No combustion of the tobacco, thus reducing harmful chemicals and toxins. MOK offers a smoke-free experience, with only a nicotine-containing vapor being released. It has similar experience in terms of tobacco flavor and nicotine strength compared to traditional cigarette smoking.

MOK has finally made its way to the Philippines. To celebrate its arrival, MOK hosted a trade launch at the Silk Pavilion of the Blue Leaf in Taguig City. Guests were among the first in the country to try MOK and COO. They were able to enjoy all the features MOK had to offer as each guest was given a MOK device to take home and experience.

China Tobacco Hubei Industrial Company’s (CTHIC) General Manager, Gao Qiang, welcomed all the guests as he spoke of MOK’s aim of being globally competitive. He mentioned the inroads MOK has been able to make in Europe and Asia. MOK is proud to be at the forefront of the world's advanced tobacco science and technology, this is what CTHIC’s Chief Scientist, Chen Yikun, shared as he discussed the MOK HeatMaster System and showed how easy it is to use the device. MOK Marketing Director, Cax Mayuga, drummed up more excitement as he detailed what MOK has in store for the Philippines. The program was capped with a ceremonial toast, lead by MOK executives. It was a toast for the future of tobacco, it was a toast for MOK.

With MOK soon to be available in the country, adult smokers have a better alternative. MOK has an SRP of P4,990, and P2,490 for MOK Mini, while it's COO Heat-Not-Burn sticks retail at P150 for a 20-stick pack. They will be available in key convenience stores, tobacco specialty stores, and MOK retail outlets nationwide. Visit for more details. #MOKLandsInManila #MOKHeatNotBurn

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