Eden Celebrates National Cheese Day

Eden Celebrates National Cheese Day.

Eden Cheese one of the country’s cheese brands recently celebrated the National Cheese day. Now being a cheese fan this is something I did not know until we were invited to the small intimate celebration. Eden was celebrating the versatility of cheese and how it has come to be part of our Filipino Cuisine.

When I say “I love Cheese” that is is an understatement. I practically grew up in a household which cheese and pandesal is breakfast staple. When we were hungry in the afternoon cheese and bread is also the go-to mereinda. Eden has been part of that childhood. Putting tons of cheese on top of my Filipino style spaghetti was also part of growing up.

Thee guest chefs discussed how cheese has influenced Filipino food. Filipinos have always had a cheese culture being strongly influenced by Spain. it was also talked about that there are a lot of new possibilities in using cheese. I for one will be looking forward to new recipes that will be infused with cheesy goodness.

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