If you’re as hardcore a note-taker as you are a gamer, Predator must be your school workhorse of choice. You can dodge boredom at break time with your gaming usual, and get started on that school project with a gaming laptop or desktop that’s stocked with better specs – load a ton of intensive programs that a regular machine won’t normally be able to handle, video edit all you can, photo manipulate all you want. Programs for these are bound to perform considerably better on a gaming laptop or desktop.

Acer has also partnered with apparel giant Adidas to bring its customers a complete back to school experience. Acer will be providing fashionable clothes and ACER will be bringing the tech. Watch our Video to see the highlights of the event.


Exceeding your expectations, Predator’s range of extreme gaming laptops let you, well, do the now-basic things we all should be doing with school work: Multitask. Lose yourself in the experience of using a gaming machine with powerful processors and full-on, desktop-grade graphics cards. Imagine all that desktop performance with your homework and group work, all in a portable form.


If you’re a hardcore gamer who’s school-bound this year, you might already know you will rely a lot on your machine’s speed and unbridled gaming performance at home. Predator desktops are fitted with large memory, advanced GPUs, and powerhouse processors. Sorry not sorry but if these machines are built for uncompromising gaming, they’re unquestionably made for your graphic- and video-heavy school projects.


Only need a monitor? Don’t fret. Predator monitors let you experience every detail of the greatest games and edits for studying. Designed with the demands of modern gaming with curved screens, ultra-wide aspect ratios, and optimum resolutions, these are surefire features that can get you everything done for school.

“Predator desktops and laptops sport extremely powerful CPUs, GPUs and display resolutions. They’re great for completing homework and assignments and offer unapologetic power, durability and cooling solutions to support the various game titles such as PUBG, and Fortnite,” said Ms. Sue Ong-Lim, Sales and Marketing Director for Predator Philippines.

To help you get your game face on this school year, Predator offers a back-to-school deal with complimentary Adidas vouchers up to P7,000 when students buy any qualifying Predator laptop, desktop or any of the selected monitors.

Be too cool for school and register your product for warranty at within two (2) weeks of purchase and your corresponding voucher will be directly sent to your email.

Vouchers can be used on Adidas bags and/or shoes including sale items! Promo is from June 1 to July 15, 2019 only.

Let Predator desktops, laptops and monitors take you further in school this year with all the power you need at your fingertips. For additional information on the promo, please visit Predator Gaming Facebook Page.

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