Final Fantasy 7 Remake New Teaser

Final Fantasy 7 Remake New Teaser

I grew up in the ’90s in the era of the first Sony PlayStation. During those days we all knew about the king of RPG games, Final Fantasy VII. Hence when Square Enix announced a remake of the game way back 2015 we were very excited. We all thought the game will be released soon, but no we all mistaken.

It has been 4 years since the year it was announced and the game was still in development limbo. But that ended earlier today. New footage of the game was just released, it included cut scenes and actual gameplay. We are again hopeful that the game will be released soon.

Here is the Video Teaser.

Here is our reaction Video

Let us now hope that the game will be finished before the refresh of the PlayStation. We will keep you guys updated with any new development.

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