5 Must-Have Xiaomi Gadgets to Enjoy Summer

5 Must-Have Xiaomi Gadgets to Enjoy Summer

Summer is in full swing. Everybody is planning the vacation of a lifetime. Going to the beach or climbing up mountains. Enjoying summer to the fullest. Here are 5 tech essentials from Xiaomi that you need to enjoy and capture those memories.

1. Spending your summer at the beach will never be complete without you trying out the water activities such as snorkeling, surfing, wake-boarding or paddle boarding. Make sure to capture every great water experience using the Mi Action Camera 4k which has the Sony IMX 317 with a 2.4-inch touchscreen. Don’t forget to have the accessories for Mi Action Camera 4k such as Mi Action Camera Waterproof Housing and Mi Action Camera Selfie Stick to enjoy more of your vacation.

Mi Action Camera 4k – Php 5,899, Mi Action Camera Waterproof Housing – Php 749
Mi Action Camera Holding Platform – Php 5,495

2. Chilling out with your friends at the beach with good music to sing along with is truly one of the best ways to kill time—until you stand up only to spend minutes trying to brush off sand from your skin or to find some good food to eat! Mi Compact Bluetooth Speaker 2 helps you to enjoy the music while waiting for the sunset. It has a 10meter range with 480mAH that can last up to 2-3hrs of playing.

Mi Compact Bluetooth Speaker 2 – Php 445

3. Feeling like keeping to yourself and just indulge in your own thoughts? Enjoy the scenery with sentimental music using the Mi In-Earphones Pro. With this earphones, you can enjoy your time with a good book and good music while canceling out distracting noises on the way to your destination.

Mi In-Earphones Pro – Php 899

4. Lounging under the sun and lavishing your time by taking lots of photos might drain your battery. You don’t want to go back to your hotel room just to charge your smartphone, speakers, or other devices. That is why Mi Power Bank 2C is very helpful during your trip! It has dual USB ports so you can charge your smartphone and another device at the same time. The power banks can last approximately 10hrs if you are using the normal charging cable and 6-7 hours if you’re using fast charging cable.

Mi Power Bank 2C 20000mAH – Php 1,090

5. No one should ever leave for a trip without a smartphone! Well, that is unless your purpose is to detach from the urban life. Your smartphone can be your ultimate travel buddy that will capture all the great views from your getaways. If you are looking for a new smartphone, the Mid-Range King Redmi Note 7 is definitely the for you. It boasts its 48MP+5MP dual camera and 13MP front camera that will be perfect for frequent travelers.

The Redmi Note 7 has a 48MP camera that brings a new flagship-level experience.
Redmi Note 32GB – Php 7,990, 64GB – Php 9,990 and 128GB – Php 11,490

And of course, bringing your Mi Transparent Suitcase is a must when you’re planning for a long break! It is ultra light and has a total weight of 2.7kg with 4 adjustment levels. Pack your stuff in your enchanting clear luggage so you can easily find your things and organize them as creative as possible.

Mi Transparent Suitcase 20” – Php 4,995

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