AOPEN Gaming Monitor Launch Philippines

AOPEN Gaming Monitor Launch Philippines

The gaming and Esports scene in the Philippines experiencing phenomenal growth. The growth of gaming PC and Peripherals also grew at the same rate. Gamers in the Philippines, who are just starting out, can now get a taste of a real gaming experience without breaking the bank. AOPEN was launched in the country to serve the growing gaming industry.

With an affordable price tag, AOPEN delivers high-quality monitors — from entry level to curved screen — that meet the needs of new and upcoming gamers, who need to fully immerse themselves in the game with the intention to win. AOPEN’s wide-angle view allows them to experience and to perform a powerful game.

AOPEN gaming monitors’ six-axis color adjust allows it to optimize the image quality making images in low resolution an Ultra HD treatment. Gamers have the freedom to “blend” the colors they want or shades that best work for them by adjusting the six-axis color range that includes the basic RGB and CMY.

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AOPEN will unlock the doors for newbie gaming enthusiasts to have curved monitors at reasonable price points. AOPEN intended to provide for those who are just starting to enjoy gaming. Curved monitors allow gamers to maximize peripheral view which is otherwise challenging with flat monitors.

The thin bezel and metal stand gives it a feel of a real gaming nook. Setting it up is a breeze because it is designed for small places but with top-notch quality.

For gamers not to tire out and abuse their eyes due to prolonged glare at the monitor, they can adjust AOPEN monitors OSD settings through the Low Blue Light feature, which filters out the blue light that usually causes harm to the eyes. The Flicker-less technology simply eliminates those flickering screens that may not only affect gamer’s games but also their sight.

AOPEN gaming monitors carry a price tag that starts from P8,000 to P23,000. See flyers for more details.

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