Are you ready to BeLive?

Are you ready to BeLive?

Live streaming is something that is getting a lot of traction lately with platforms like twitch, YouTube and Facebook offering live streaming. You want to jump in, but there is a plethora of available software available. You try each one and you still cannot get that seamless interaction and connectivity you want with your audience and guest.

Personally, I tried using some of the existing software which is free to download. I found them to be cumbersome, there is a steep learning curve before you can use them properly. That all ended when one of my friends recommended I try BeLive.

Starting your live stream cannot be easier than following the instructions of the tutorial. I mean there I still a learning curve but the program feels a lot more intuitive. You can easily put your graphics on the lower 3rd of your screen.

Photo From BeLive Website

As you can see on the photo above having an interview or a one on one live stream is seamless you have total control over what you broadcast. You can easily see what comments you need to put on screen and keep the focus on the streaming and not on the maintenance of how to stream.

Photo From BeLive Website

Another amazing feature of the BeLive Software is the ability to have a talk show style discussion with more than 2 people and having the other guest waiting in the lobby until their time has come to be on the stream.

With this tremendous new streaming tool just leveled up and you can focus on the content of your stream rather than how to stream. I for one will be using BeLive to live stream my content. I am a little bit worried about stepping in the streaming game. BeLive has made the transition from edited videos to live streaming. Watch out for our live streams on our facebook page in the near future.

Sign up for a 14-day free trial and start your own awesome streams. Join the community of 8k+ content creators on the BeLivers Group. Read our blog for more tips on how to start your own live video.

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