LG supports genderless chores

LG supports genderless chores

Traditionally, people have associated chores as ‘women’s tasks.’

With significant progress in the fight for equality, gender roles at home, and in other facets of society, have evolved to a point where performing household chores are no longer automatically expected of or assigned mostly to women.

There is, however, still plenty of room for further development. In 2017, one study found that “women tend to do more housework than their male partners, irrespective of their age, income or own workloads.” The results reinforced the fact that “broader social norms” affect the way gender roles, and their duration, are assigned.

As women continue to negotiate and redefine their responsibilities at home, technology plays a critical role in empowering women to reclaim their autonomy.

Smart home technologies—a niche dominated by LG—make chores easier to accomplish, even pleasant, thus freeing up more time and energy for other pursuits.

It also helps level the playing field. With user-friendly and intuitive appliances like the TwinWash and the InstaView Door-in-Door, no task or chore is too complex or too hard. Anyone in the family can efficiently do the laundry or do a quick audit of grocery items that need to be replenished. Smart appliances help ease the burden of women who are often expected to take charge of these tasks just because it has been the norm. After all, chores know no gender.

As the world celebrates International Women’s Day, women, and allies, all over the world recognize the milestones that have empowered women to break free from stereotypes and societal expectations. LG, a renowned brand with a global platform, reinforces its commitment to women empowerment by ensuring that its smart home technologies are attuned to the constantly changing and dynamic needs of both women and men who use them.

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