eSakay Electric Vehicle Launch

eSakay Electric Vehicle Launch

Government initiatives to modernize the iconic Philippine symbol of mass transportation the Public Utility Jeepney. Meralco the country’s biggest electric utility company launches the next step in the evolution of the eSakay Electric Vehicle.

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The increasing volume of vehicle in the country coupled with the fluctuating priced of fuels the eSakay Electric Vehicle is the logical next step in the evolution of modern and environment-friendly vehicles.

eSakay is an end to end transportation service provider, which address the countries shortage of mass transportation. This is also a direct response to the government’s shift to modern and world-class public utility vehicles. The Program is also known as the 2017 Public Utility Vehicle Modernization Program.

The eSakay modern jeepneys are 100% electric and are emission free. The vehicles also comply with the strict requirement for safety and convenience of the riding public. The units are also equipped with Wifi and USB charging ports. There are also onboard security cameras installed for additional passenger safety. There are priority seating available for senior citizen and persons with disabilities. The eSakay Electric vehicles can also be paid using the beep card which is another impressive innovation.

The eSakay Electric Vehicles will be plying the Buendia Sation MRT to Mandaluyong City Hall via Jupiter as the developmental route. There are currently 15 units of the eSakay Electric vehicles and we hope to see more in the future all over Metro Manila.

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