Xiaomi might be making a fold-able tablet.

Xiaomi might be making a fold-able tablet.

With CES 2019 just around the corner, it seems that leaks of new tech are just coming out of the woodwork. We have already posted about what the Samsung Galaxy S10 might look like now, we are looking at a fold-able tablet that actually folds.

Notable Leaker Evan Blas posted a tweet where a tablet is seen being folded twice on both sides to appear like a smartphone. The device might be a Xiaomi device it also might not be one. Details are still hazy at this point. This is not the first foldable tablet last year around November Samsung showed off the prototype of their Infinity Flex technology. Lenovo showed off a bendable device last CES 2017.

This can also be an elaborate rouse and everybody will be faked out by the announcement, or it can be all true. Either way we will be finding out more in the coming days leading up to CES 2018.

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