Magic The Gathering Arena A Primer

Magic The Gathering Arena A Primer

Magic The Gathering Arean is an online version of the hugely popular Magic The Gathering collectible card game that most of us geeks grew up playing. The game is similar to the offline collectible card game that you need to do buy booster packs in order to improve your deck.

Magic The Gathering Arena is a free to play game. I have been playing the game for a couple of weeks now. There are quests that you can do to earn coins to be able to buy packs. There are also weekly missions that give you packs when you get 5, 20 and 15 wins.

The interface is quite intuitive and easy to understand, this is not the first time that Magic The Gathering is translated into a digital game. The current version is the closest to the offline game. The duel system and the ranking system is a nice touch. You can really customize your deck to you play style depending on how you want to play the game.

I have 2 weeks of experience playing and being a free player I have lost as much as I have won and also have beaten players who were using premium accounts. It all boils down on how you play the cards you get and how you build your deck. granted there are really overpowered cards. But if you really enjoy the game then you will enjoy the experience.

There are also plans that the game will be a competitive eSports game. We might need to follow that until we get confirmation of the actual news and we get an event going. But I had a talk with the distributor of the game here in the Philippines, the game will indeed be pushing thru as an eSport.

These are exciting times, we just need to wait and see and just maybe we can be part of the Magic the Gathering Arena eSports Scene.

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