2018 Year in Review 2018 Year in Review

Looking back at 2018 it was surely one of the most interesting years we have had since we have established coming on 5 years this coming 2019. It was just at the start of June where circumstances in my professional life lead me to make the decision of focusing on the media page.

To be perfectly honest it has not been an easy ride so far, we have had our shares of ups and downs over the last Half of the year but our hard work is slowly paying off. Major tech brands are now aware of us and we get invited to their events and get the chance to review their latest products. will not get to where we are now if we do not mention my media mentor, my partner Kathy Kenny Ngo from she was the one who introduced me to a lot of people in the industry. I also very thankful that she is also the one who keeps me in check and keeps me grounded, success and influence really go to your head and you become arrogant and boastful. I am very thankful that she really reminds me of who I am and what is needed to be successful. Some way somehow I will find a special way to repay you and make you prouder.

That being said we have prepared a very short video of some of the highlights of the year in the tech beat in the Philippines. Kindly watch our video to see our year has been and how excited we were to share it with you.

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