GCash and the day I left my wallet at Home

GCash and the day I left my wallet at Home

It was just right after Christmas and we scheduled an entire day of shooting video content for our website and YouTube channel. I prepared all the gear that we will be used together with all the items that we will be featuring Packed everything, booked my ride and arrived at the location. That is when I realized that I forgot something very important. I left my wallet at home. Holy Crap what am I supposed to do with just Php 20 in my pocket left over from my booking fare and an entire whole day of content creation ahead of me.

Thank God I remembered that I still had my eCash. I have GCash. I still have enough GCash to survive the day.

First order of the day was getting coffee. Looking around High Street, ( Yes Fortunately the location of our shoot was in BGC) I looked for establishments that accept GCash and I was pleasantly surprised that there were a lot of establishments who accept GCash. So I settled in Bo’s Coffee to get me a cuppa Joe and start planning the day as I waited for Jessie to arrive for our shoot. I made my first purchase of the day and the transaction was seamless. I scanned the QR code and presto I got my caffeine fix for the morning.

Jessie arrived and we went out shooting the content that we need to create. We spent the better part of 3 hours shooting videos that we will be using in putting together 2 reviews and a couple of year-end reviews. I was about mid-afternoon when we wrapped up the shooting of the video that when we decided to get a late lunch. Low and behold we found ourselves back at Bo’s Coffee for a light late lunch and afternoon coffee with a bit of planning and brainstorming session. Once again Gcash saved the day we had enough to get ourselves a large coffee and a Bacon Tomato Pesto for a meal.

I survive an entire day of shooting and content creation with just my phone. I was reminded of the time in Shanghai when all you needed was your phone to get around. We are not yet on that level but soon I hope with the help of applications like GCash that someday we can have the same convenience and safety that ECash provides us.

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