The Con of Cold Has Come

The Con of Cold Has Come

The Con of Cold has Come and the players were ready to tackle the different twist and turns of the City of Waterdeep. Con of Cold 2018 is a D&D Adventurers League event by Adventurers Anonymous and the League of Extraordinary Bestfriends. The Epic module DDEP08-01 Chaos in the City of Splendors, was the setting of the adventure where the setting is an adventure designed for Tier 1 (Levels 1-4) characters that take the adventurers around the City of Waterdeep. Characters and their gang gather clues and try to outwit their dungeon masters to seek their fortune in the City of Water Deep.

The team behind the Con of Cold established the event to gather players who long for the pen and paper Role Playing Games (RPG's) The Dungeons and Dragons fans and enthusiasts who long for the days of playing RPGs with nothing but a book, a stat sheet a group of your close friends, a dungeon master and the most important thing, your imagination.

Earlier on that same day, there was an Archery Attack, archery tag tournament. The tournament was the last man standing tournament format where players were given a bow and blunted arrows and try to take wear each other out. the players were sent out in groups to determine the last man standing for each group and the top dogs get to duke it out in the finals. The last man standing, in this case, it was the last woman standing was awarded a set of finely crafted dice from their Sponsor Natural 20.

The Con of Cold was a fun-filled day filled with thrills both physically in the Archery Attack Tournament to the intellectual thrill where the participants waded thru the City of Waterdeep. I really hope this brings back interest in the old school pen and paper RPGs which I grew and fell in love with. Kudos to the organizers for putting together this awesome event. Thank to Adventurer Anonymous and the League of Extraordinary Best Freinds for putting up the event.

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