Preparing for the Holiday Season and Beyond with GCredit

Preparing for the Holiday Season and Beyond with GCredit.

Building and maintaining one’s GScore helps one be financially ready.

This holiday season, we can’t help but spend and even splurge every now and then. Can we celebrate and give the best to ourselves and our loved ones without breaking the bank?

The answer is YES and we can do it with the help of GCash.

More than being a mobile money wallet, GCash has GScore - the country’s first trust score rating which paints one’s financial behavior. It is based on one’s relationship with GCash - how often one uses it and even how varied its use is (ei. one uses GCash to purchase load only or uses it for more than a single purpose). The better one’s relationship with GCash is, the higher the GScore in turn.

Frequent and varied use of the app - such as buying a load, sending money, paying bills, and paying for purchases using the app - increases your GScore. Not only does it make you more “trusted” financially, it allows you to enjoy more features that can help you prepare for the road ahead such as GCredit - which is ideal to have, not just during the holiday season, but all year round.

GCredit, a feature that was launched this year, is a personal revolving credit line attached to your GCash account and is based on your GScore. Both function in parallel - the higher your GScore, the higher your GCredit limit will be. With a higher GScore = higher credit line, you don’t have to worry about giving a little more extra anytime you want.

Why build that relationship?

Building your relationship with GCash by continuously using the app helps increase your GScore. The higher your GScore, the higher the credit line you can have, and you’ll also get to enjoy lower interest rates - making payments also easier on the pocket! With this, you’ve got your Christmas preparations covered.

Aside from this, it’s also building one’s credit history. Since traditional financial institutions require a lot of formal documentation, not everyone has the opportunity to build a formal credit history. Having GScore makes access to better credit now possible for everyone.

Helps you be prepared

Having access to GCredit and a higher credit line is also a life saver, especially during the holiday rush. We’re not just busy and pressed for time, but also pressed for cash, so having both can make things a lot easier, especially when there are still bills that have to be paid, last minute grocery runs, or even just wanting to spend a little more for your loved ones. You don’t have to worry about payments too. Thanks to its prorated interest rate, the earlier you pay your due credit, the lower the interest charges will be and the faster your credit will replenish. This gives every person a chance to enjoy their holidays without worrying about high-interest rates.

“We’d like to think of GCash, GCredit as your life partner as we know how hard it is to balance [sic] life. GCash and GCredit are now here to make things easier, “ says Geena Alindato, Product Designer for Lending.

So go and build that trust and increase your GScore today by continually and responsibly using GCash, and enjoy the holidays without any worries and look forward to the New Year debt-free!

GCash is available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

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