Folayang vs Khan – The Landslide After a Storm.

Folayang vs Khan – The Landslide After a Storm.

By: Jessie Aguilar Suarez

Witnessing the face-off between Eduard Folayang and Amir Khan at the open workout for ONE Championship: Conquest of Champions. This author, being less than 2 meters away from them noticed something a bit strange. The usually confident Amir Khan appears to be very assertive, his stance upright – strong. What got me curious though, and momentarily did not focus on my video camera was when Folayang looked like he’s uncomfortable.

Khan initiated the fight stance pose, Folayang followed but his left fist is not close to Khan’s face. When asked to face the crowd, Khan raised his hand and gestured the number one sign with his finger. Folayang mimicked him. Khan closed his fist, and Folayang shadowed him again!

If you’re a fight fan, this would have been an indicator of things to come. Well, you don’t know Eduard.

Folayang’s apparent “uncomfortable” look may not be because he is not confident. He may not have liked the cameras, the attention. Although already a superstar, he is as humble and respectful as the day he started his career. Nothing changed, as one of his students pointed out. (He coaches too)

Also, the fruit did not fall far from the Lakay family tree. Visit their gym and you would instantly feel that you are part of a big family. Though already a home to four world champions at present, everybody – from the coaching staff to the newbie students – they are always respectful, down-to-earth.

This demeanor, however, did not reflect the warrior raging inside come fight night. As the fighters are called to the center of the ring by the referee, the taller Khan looked down on Folayang’s eyes. Folayang did not engage, listening to the referee and gazing at Khan’s chest area instead. As the bell rang, Eduard Folayang instantly switched on his warrior mode, a storm of kicks and punches rained down on Khan. Before the 2nd round ended, it is obvious, Folayang has gained momentum and there’s no stopping the “Landslide.” Folayang won by a unanimous nod from the judges. A very dominant performance by the new ONE Championship Lightweight Champion.

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