PEP – Profiles Entertainment Productions Launch

PEP – Profiles Entertainment Productions Launch

PEP – PROFILES ENTERTAINMENT PRODUCTIONS, INCORPORATED is an events Production company that was initially launched in 2010 and started as a small agency that provides the concepts for provincial events until its execution. PEP is composed of staff and individuals who do not only have the creativity but possess the artistry to make a vision become a reality, be it on stage, camera, and print.

With its newfound passion to provide world-class talents for production and events, it is now more equipped to fully satisfy its long list of Clients. In fact, PEP opened its newest production house that will be the home of the state of the art facilities for

a. Movie and Television Editing

b. Sound and Music Recording Studio

c. Studio for live production rehearsals and training

d. Fashion Boutique

Since its inception, PEP is known to provide the following production and events services:

a. Talent Coordination (ie Print Ad, TV, Movies)

b. Production Choreography

c. Fashion Styling

d. Pageant Coaching, and

e. Events management, including beauty pageant, corporate events

This 2018, PEP has evolved towards becoming a better production agency that will be world class and more ready to face the demands of the entertainment industry. Most importantly, each and every staff of PEP has that innate concern to really uplift the name and reputation of the Filipino talent and artistry, not just in the Philippines but in the face of the international audience.


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