British Council makes IELTS convenient for test takers

British Council makes IELTS convenient for test takers

Over the years, the British Council, through the delivery of the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), has been providing new opportunities and helping make dreams come true for Filipinos who dream to go overseas. And as the needs of test takers change, the British Council Philippines continuously enhances the way it delivers the IELTS to make the test experience as convenient as possible.

Proof of this is the recently introduced computer-delivered IELTS test. With this new platform, test tapaper-basedve more test dates to choose from with at least 3 test dates per week. In addition, they now have the choice of taking the test on paper or computer.

The paper based and the computer-delivered test both adhere to the same security, trust and integrity of the British Council’s approach in the delivery of the IELTS. Both are also the same in terms of content, scoring, level of difficulty and test format. Test takers will get the same test sections: the Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking sections.
In addition, whether test takers choose the standard or computer-delivered IELTS, they will be able to access the British Council’s various resources all the same, online and offline, at the British Council Learning Hub.

Taking the computer-delivered IELTS has its own advantages, though, especially for those who are more comfortable with using computers. This is especially true for Indra Manahan, who took the IELTS for the first time as a requirement for his Canada immigration application.

Manahan said that with the computer-delivered IELTS, he didn’t have to worry about penmanship and word count, which made the experience smoother for him. “Everything is done on a computer nowadays, and personally, I’m not even used to writing with a pen and paper anymore.”

For Christopher Blancaflor, his good performance in the IELTS test is something that he attributes to taking it on a computer. “During the writing test, I was able to focus more on putting my thoughts into words than worrying about erasures, which I think helped me achieve my target score. In the speaking test, the headphones allowed me to hear the sound clip clearly,” said Blancaflor.

Another benefit of taking the computer-delivered IELTS is the quick turnaround time for the test results, which are delivered within seven days after testing day. “It’s a real advantage for someone who needs the test results right away,” said Manahan.

“It didn’t even take seven days for my results to be delivered. I called in five days after my scheduled test and I was told my results are already posted,” said Blancaflor.

When asked about his experience in taking the IELTS test with the British Council, Manahan said: “Everything went very smoothly, and it was convenient because all the tests were done on the same day at the same location. The testing facilities were also quiet and comfortable. The staff, while strict because they were required to be, were still friendly.”

“For users like me who are more comfortable with using the computer, the computer option is definitely a must when taking the IELTS test,” Blancaflor said.

The computer-delivered IELTS can be availed in Manila at the British Council office in Taguig, and in Cebu at SMEAG Global Education Inc.


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