Lost Saga: The Latest Fighting Game to Bring MMO-Brawling Action to PC

Get ready to punch, slash, shoot and cast your way through the newest revolution in massive multiplayer online gaming.

Straight from South Korea-based I.O. Entertainment and GameClub Philippines comes fighting game Lost Saga, the latest in online brawling goodness.

Lost Saga pits individuals or teams against other in an all-0ut melee for dominance in a variety of game modes: eliminate the competition in Death Match mode, Team Death Match mode, Prisoner Mode, or Crusader mode.

Play with any of the game’s ever expanding pool of character classes, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, equip your choice of items, and form your team. Smash through the competition for experience points and currency to unlock and upgrade even more goodness!

“This game is a wonderful sandbox of possibilities: there are more characters that will be steadily included in the near future, more stages, more game modes. And even now, there is a lot of space for  coming up with strategies, whether in coming up with a powerful team composition for a particular game mode or stage, coming up with a personal item and skill combination that best suits your play style, and much more,” said March Angelo Bulosan of GameClub Philippines.

The game’s many combinations of modes, stages, and classes also allow numerous possibilities for competitive play; already, the development team is working at fostering an environment that accommodates both casual and competitive gamers.

“We’re pretty confident that this game will bring out the more competitive side of skilled players looking for a really interesting challenge. We hope to see what exciting combinations and compositions they come up with in the future!” Bulosan added.

Lost Saga is officially going online this November 2018. For more information, visit www.lostsaga.ph

Marc Bulosan (far left) with General Manager Joongha Park (far right) with influencers

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