ASUS Zenbook 13 X HP Envy 13 X Dell XPS 13

ASUS Zenbook 13 X HP Envy 13 X Dell XPS 13

For the first time here in we take 3 of the leading mid range 13-inch laptops currently our in the Philippine market. We will be doing a comparison looking at the user experience, aesthetics, and over-all fit and finish.


Now let’s get started with the size. ASUS Zenbook 13 has the smallest size among all of the 13-inch mid range laptops we have here. The HP Envy 13 has the biggest foot print while the Dell XPS 113 sits in-between the two. Depending on your preference the actual laptop foot print might matter or it also might not.


Now let’s look at the finish, all of the 13-inch laptops have aluminum finishes. Unfortunately among all of the three units we are currently looking at the Zenbook 13 is a smudge magnet. Finger prints and smudges are all over the place unlike the HP Envy 13 and the Dell XPS 13.

I/O ports

Among all of the three 13-inch laptops that we are looking at the ASUS Zenbook 13 has the most complete range of I/O Ports offering 2 USB Type A 3.1, a USB Type 3 connector, a Mirco SD reader and a full HDMI port. The HP Envy 13 has 2 3.1 USB Type A and a one USB type C. The Dell XPS 13 has 2 USB Type C ports.

Keyboard and Hand Placement

While all of the 13-inch laptops we review have extremely small factor if we are talking about my gorilla-sized hand which prefers a full keyboard, they offer a really comfortable feel when you are writing. The feel of the keys are very nice with the HP envy having a slight advantage when it comes to the tactile feel.

The Verdict

Based on the item we initially looked at between these 3 laptops there are similarities and there are some differences. The decision to buy one or the other mainly boils down on what are your needs and what are your priorities in getting a 13-inch laptop. If you are for more I/O, durability and a smaller footprint go for the ASUS Zenbook 13, If you are for the comfort and feel while typing and doing word processing and is OK with having a bulkier laptop go for the HP Envy. If you want something in-between you can always opt for the Dell XPS 13.

But for me and what I will use the laptop for I am currently more inclined to get the ASUS Zenbook 13, the I/O ports and portability fits my needs.

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