Ford’s Big Push to Electric Vehicles Teased

Ford's Big Push to Electric Vehicles Teased
Photo: Ford Motor Company
Ford has just thrown its hat in the electric vehicle market in the North American Market. The photo shown above is a teaser the vehicle named "Mach 1" was first announced at last March's Detroit Motor Show. It seems that for is now going head to head with the dominant electri car manufacturer Tesla. Just like any other teaser from a major company we only get a glimpse of that they want us to precieve and see. But from what we can see it definitely look like a Mustang inspired vehicle. Ford has always prided itself to be a technology company that makes cars. The move that they are doing is actually the smart play. Similar to what happened to the camera industry during the late 90's with the advent of the Digital Camera. Some of the camera industry giants who adapted earlier were able to survive while the others who stayed with film eventually died out. Ford is now putting its money and hedging its bets in the electric vehicle The announcement of Ford at the Detroit Motor Show seems to the harbinger of things to come and the evolution of mobility worldwide. The gas guzzlers of this generation are slowly fading away in favor of more technologically advanced and environment-friendly mobility options. The big players are now also hedging their bets in the electric vehicle market with other European and Japanese car manufacturers are already in the game. Tesla still holds the dominant position in the North American Market, Elon Musk is still pushing it full throttle to develop economies of scale that will propel the company forward even faster. Ford has also come off an 11 million dollar restructuring activity. For More Tech Lifestyle News and Features Visit us at and Visit our Youtube Channel here.

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