Leaked Images of the next iPhone X goes Viral

Leaked Images of the next iPhone X goes Viral

This photo has been circulating and making the rounds over the internet and social media. The image above, according to 9to5Mac, is the upcoming model of the iPhone, the iPhone XS. Apple plans to announce on September 12th. The image circulating apparently is a leaked marketing image shows a new gold color option — There has been news that Apple was planning to release a gold iPhone X last year and there has not been any news or rumors until now— and the two sizes that the OLED iPhone models will come in.

The image definitely looks similar to the style and feel that Apple has been providing over the last few iterations of the iconic phone. The phone is positioned at the same angle that Apple often uses for iPhone marketing assets.
We are also waiting for Apple to launch a third, 6.1-inch LCD iPhone that will share the overall design of these, but with an aluminum frame instead of the stainless steel on the iPhone X and XS.

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