First Ocean Conservation Center opens in Manila

First Ocean Conservation Center opens in Manila

The First Ocean Conservation Center to open at Manila Ocean Park; AVP for “Save Our Ocean” to be unveiled

With the aim of Saving Our Ocean, Lupel Corporation Vice President and General Manager Mitch Pellicer thought it wise to come up with an educational AVP for everyone, especially for children, discouraging all Filipinos not to throw any form of garbage to our lovely seas.
As of the latest survey, Philippines ranks as the third country that contributes to the plastic dumped into the world’s oceans every year. It is sad to note since our amazing oceans serve as a home to many incredible creatures that have been part of our lives ever since the world began.

The AVP will fully show you how blessed the Philippines is in terms of the oceans God has given us. Nevertheless, despite that fact, some still possess that I-don’t-care attitude in throwing used bottles, containers and many more to the seas and not to recycled bins. These items instead of polluting the seas can be recycled and made into more useful items.
Uni Writing Instruments came up with a variety of items which can be used for recycled materials. We have for one, Posca pen, a water-based paint market for all surfaces which can magically transform nothing into something, meaning instead of throwing a recycled item to our beautiful oceans, it can metamorphose into a beautiful creation with our specially made pens.
Inside the Manila Ocean Park, Lupel Corporation has a booth named the UNI Ocean Conservation Center. It is purposely built for everyone but more specifically for children who can be taught at an early stage the attitude of giving value to our oceans and keeping it clean and safe not only for humans but also for sea-based creatures. The booth also serves as an educational center so teens, kids and even the adults to use UNI products to recycle what people thought are useless items.

REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE. Save the Seas with UNI

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