Are you ready? Android Go – ready, set, go.

Are you ready? Android Go – ready, set, go.
People tend to hold their breath in anticipation when a new version of Android is announced. Most of the time the updated version goes along with new features, interface changes, and sometimes new phones. However, when a new version of Android launched on six new phones this week, it didn’t come along with all the hoopla that comes along with most Android announcement, most of the attention fell to what was announced during the recently concluded MWC.
The reason for it was because the six phones that were announced to run on the new Android OS can be classified as low-end phones – Generally around the $100 or less pricing tier.
Android Go — referred to as “Android Oreo (Go Edition)” by Google — is a watered-down version of the Android OS specifically targeting to run on low-end devices: devices that is pretty much considered as an entry-level smartphone with lesser processing power, limited RAM and, meager storage capability. It’s also for users that have limited data connectivity or those who are closely managing their data plans.
To address these issues, Google made the following adjustments on their OS:
• Better performance for 1GB of RAM or less
• More storage out of the box
• New Apps designed for lighter updates
• Data Saving Features
o Peer to Peer Sharing
o Data Saver Feature
Google has initially confirmed that Android Go will be launching on six phones.
They include the Nokia 1, Alcatel’s 1X, ZTE’s Tempo Go, Lava’s Z50, Micromax’s Bharat Go, and General Mobile’s GM 8 Go.
The GM 8 Go phone is the current front-runner, having a bigger and sharper screen than the rest and faster performance, the downside is this phone is supposed to be the most expensive. Nokia’s is more characteristic of the entry-level phone, with a not so vibrant screen and a passable camera- Though on the upside, it will have colorful interchangeable back plates, which is a nice welcome.
Android Go is not the end all be all solution for optimizing the OS however it is is a step towards the right direction maximizing the OS for entry-level smartphones. This goes to show that Google has acknowledged the needed support and is in the process of continuously refining their Android OS.


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