Qualcomm’s New Modem ready for 5G Connectivity

Qualcomm’s New Modem ready for 5G Connectivity.
The Snapdragon X24 helps to set the foundation of a better 4G network. The announcement was made by Qualcomm ahead of the Mobile World Congress. Qualcomm stated that download speeds of 2Gps can be achieved.
Qualcomm claims that the X24 is the first Category 20 LTE modem that can support 2Gps kinds of speeds, it is also the first 7nm processor in market. At these speeds, it has already doubled the speed of the previous gigabit LTE modem. While these speeds might not be the one we will actually be seeing but this will be more of a provider issue. The technology will be pushing the providers to upgrade their service to match the demand of the market.
The Snapdragon X24 supports up to seven carrier aggregation. Compare that to Samsung’s Exynos chipsets, which supports six carrier aggregation. The 4×4 MIMO antenna arrays on up to five aggregated LTE carriers. This should allow a theoretical maximum of 20 concurrent LTE streams. Qualcomm also stated that this added functionality will allow for X24-equipped devices to connect to the entire range of spectrum bands available to carriers, which would increase overall performance beyond what we have now. (Again, we’re still a long way to go on the carrier side before phones can take advantage of this — even the most advanced networks.
The Snap Dragon X24 will lead the way and lay the foundation for 5G connectivity. It will push the envelope of how fast 4G can go. This is the best step for Qualcomm to take since 5G technology is still at its’ infancy and the infrastructure is not yet ready. This will make the transition of 4G users to 5G to be not so painful.
Qualcomm is targetting the release of the Snapdragon X24 by the middle to end of 108 in 4G/5G devices. The company is gearing up for the emergence of the 5G networks which will begin to appear in 2019.


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