Nintendo Labo… an old school play on new school tech???

Nintendo just released their version of Google cardboard.

Called the Nintendo Labo, from what was showed to us from the video it look like Nintendo will be providing the users with cardboard patterns which you can assemble an pair up with upcoming games. It provides the user the experience of creating accessories to the which can be physically manipulated to provide a real world feel of the digital game.
Will it make the games more immersive? Based on the video it will be able to give that experience. Will it be another hit for Nintendo? Like the Nintendo Switch? We really can’t say for the moment. But based of the video it will be fun. The only draw back we see here is that the kids today grew up with digital toys, how will this appeal to them? It might it might not, but let’s see, Nintendo has pulled off sleeper hits before this might not be different from those times.


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