Perfect selfie smartphone Vivo V5s now comes in a sleek and stylish Matte Black


Vivo just launched a new Matte Black color variant to its V5s lineup. This cool new addition to the perfect selfie smartphone boasts a cool matte black finish that you rarely see in your usual Vivo phones that come in Crown Gold and Rose Gold.


“We are aware of the Vivo Fans’ clamor for a new color variant. Our new Vivo V5s Matte Black aims to widen our consumers’ options to suit their fashion needs and style preference. We believe that this limited edition color will set the tone for a much more sleek and trendy line of Vivo smartphones”  – Annie Lim, Brand Director of Vivo Philippines

Like it’s Gold and Rose Gold counterparts, the Vivo V5s Matte Black still houses the same 20-megapixel selfie camera with f2.0 aperture, the V5s gives you crystal clear, high-resolution selfies, wherein all the details are astonishingly visible. The light-sensing area is also larger than average at 1/2.78 inch, allowing more light to come in, which in turn enhances photo brightness.


The V5s also boasts of the newest group selfie technology, which allows landscape-panning effects in ‘groufies’ or group shots. This exciting new feature supports both portrait and landscape orientations so that no one is left out in barkada shots.

The V5s likewise features a selfie softlight technology that creates lighting effects similar to those in a professional photography studio. Offered by other V5 models but updated for the V5s, the selfie softlight has an enhanced night mode for clearer and more fabulous selfies taken at night or in poor lighting conditions.


The V5s’ 20-megapixel front camera is supplemented by a 13-megapixel rear camera with f2.2 aperture and an ultra-high-definition mode that renders stunning ultra HD images of up to 52 megapixels.

Other remarkable features of the V5s include its face beauty mode 6.0, which works like a skincare tool that automatically detects your gender and applies beauty touches accordingly. For instance, females get softer skin tone, a more delicate face contour, and bigger eyes while males get a more masculine look.


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The Vivo V5s is equipped with 5G capacity for a more stable Internet connection—an upgrade from the 4G capacity of previous V5 units and other phones in the same price range. It also has an OTG feature, WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, USB2.0 and GPS for a smooth and fast transfer of files, making it the top choice for social media-savvy millennials and working professionals.


Touting a storage capacity of 4GB RAM, the V5s is perfect for games and applications. Its 64GB ROM is expandable up to 256 GB, allowing a veritable archive of 302 films, 20,000 songs or 26,000 pictures, and other documents. As for speed and performance, the V5s runs on a personalized operating system, Funtouch 3.0, based on Android 6.0.

The V5s likewise offers users unparalleled musical experience with Vivo’s signature Hi-Fi heritage and the AK4376 Hi-Fi audio chip.

App Clone allows users to log on to two different accounts using the same social media app, making it convenient for multi-tasking users to compartmentalize their professional and personal lives. The App Clone currently supports important chat apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, BBM, Zalo, and Viber.


Other notable attributes of the V5s include a smart split 2.0 that enables the V5s to keep two tasks on screen at the same time; an eye protection mode that makes the screen light softer; and a 0.2 fingerprint unlocking.

Finally, the V5s shares the elegant and sleek design of other phones in the V5 series: slimmer bezels, a large 5.5 inch display in 2.5D corning gorilla glass, and U-shaped cover lines that lend premium aesthetics to the back cover.

For all you selfie fanatics looking a for more bang for your buck smartphone deal that will suit your fashion and perfect selfie needs, The Vivo V5s Matte Black will still retain its’ SRP price of Php 14,990 and will be available across the country.

For inquiries about Vivo V5s, visit the Vivo website at, or check out their Facebook (, Instagram (, and Twitter ( accounts.




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